Refund Policy

Lucrosus Capital Token ($LUCA) Refund Policy

Contract Address: 0xF82AA46120314904Cd8119DAc84f6bcC7D90ED2e

Lucrosus Capital LPS is dedicated to maintain a transparent refund policy for purchases of $LUCA tokens during Pre-Sale via the Lucrosus Capital Platform ( This policy delineates the conditions under which refunds may be requested and processed.

Pre-Sale Participation Refunds:

Participants who purchased $LUCA tokens directly from the Lucrosus Capital Platform are eligible for a refund of the funds amount transfered via Lucrosus Capital Platform. Users desiring to initiate a refund must complete the requisite form and undergo the verification and anti-phishing checks conducted by Lucrosus Capital LPS.

Please note that refunds will not be provided for any fees or other payments incurred while purchasing $LUCA tokens. The refund amount will be limited to the exact quantity of tokens purchased via the Lucrosus Capital Platform.

Tokens obtained via referral or staking programs are ineligible for refunds, as our policy only covers tokens directly purchased through the Lucrosus Capital Platform.

Please be advised that tokens acquired through contests, airdrops, or any other methods that do not involve a direct purchase transaction on the Lucrosus Capital Platform are not eligible for refunds.

Indirect Purchase:

Lucrosus Capital LPS does not offer refunds for $LUCA tokens purchased outside the Lucrosus Capital Platform.

Refund Eligibility:

Refund requests must be submitted within 30 days from the announcement date, starting 08.02.2024. Only users who participated in the Lucrosus Capital token Pre-Sale directly via the Lucrosus Capital Platform between 17.01.2022 and 15.08.2022 are eligible for a refund.

Procedure for Requesting Refunds:

Users must fill out the form provided and pass the verification process conducted by Lucrosus Capital LPS to initiate a refund. The form is exclusively available via the official website -

Submission of a request does not guarantee approval. Lucrosus Capital LPS reserves the right to request additional documentation or information for transaction and identity verification purposes. Failure to provide the requested documentation within three business days or submission of questionable documents may result in the decline of the refund request.

Refund Processing:

Approved refunds will be processed based on the amount paid by the user via Lucrosus Capital Platform. Commissions and fees associated with the purchase and exchange will not be refunded. Any charges incurred during the refund process will be the responsibility of the user.

The refunds will be scheduled as follows:

  • 08.02.2024 - 08.03.2024: Period for submitting the refund form.

  • 08.03.2024 - 08.05.2024: Data analysis and user verification

  • From 08.05.2024 onwards, refunds will be issued in batches until 08.08.2024.

    • 08.05.2024 - first batch

    • 08.06.2024 - second batch

    • 08.07.2024 - third batch

    • 08.08.2024 - fourth batch

Placement in the corresponding batch will depend on the refund request queue, with the first batch including the earliest requests. Batches will be of equal sizes, and payouts will be made exclusively in USDT (0x55d398326f99059fF775485246999027B3197955) on the BNB Smart Chain (BEP20). The refunded amount will be equivalent to the funds transferred by user at the time of the $LUCA token purchase.

The USDT tokens will be withdrawn only to the address provided in the form. Lucrosus Capital LPS shall not be held liable for any loss or misdirection of the refund amount due to incorrect wallet addresses provided by the user. It is the user’s responsibility to ensure all provided addresses are accurate and correspond to the correct network. Double-checking wallet details before submission is strongly advised.

Official Communication Channel for Refunds:

For all matters related to refunds, official communication from Lucrosus Capital LPS will be conducted exclusively through the email address [email protected]. Users are urged to pay close attention to the sender's email address in communications received regarding refunds to ensure they are engaging with legitimate correspondence from Lucrosus Capital LPS. This measure is taken to protect our users from potential fraud and to streamline the refund process by providing a direct, verified channel for all refund-related inquiries and submissions.

Lucrosus Capital Platform Withdrawal Notice for $LUCA Token Holders

Withdrawal Deadline Announcement

All participants currently holding $LUCA tokens on the Lucrosus Capital Platform are hereby notified that they must initiate the withdrawal of their remaining tokens by March 8, 2024. Beyond this stipulated deadline, the platform will cease to have the operational support of the Lucrosus Capital team, rendering any remaining tokens inaccessible thereafter.

Staking Program Withdrawal Process

For investors who have allocated $LUCA tokens within the Staking Program, it is imperative to undertake a formal process to withdraw both the staked tokens and the corresponding accrued interest as calculated up to March 8, 2024. This procedure requires the token holder to send a formal request via email to [email protected], using the email address that is registered with the Lucrosus Capital Platform account.

The request must include the following critical pieces of information to facilitate verification and processing:

· The precise amount of $LUCA tokens that have been staked.

· The selected Annual Percentage Yield (APY) option at the time of staking.

· The initial date when the staking period commenced.

Timeline for Token Distribution

The process of distributing the staked tokens along with the accrued interest will be executed within the timeframe extending from March 8, 2024, to May 8, 2024. The order in which the applications are processed and consequently fulfilled will be strictly based on the chronological sequence of the received requests.

Policy Amendments:

Lucrosus Capital LPS reserves the right to amend or change this policy to reflect changes in legislation or our internal policies. We retain the right to make amendments to the refund policy and its associated terms and conditions. This provision is particularly relevant in cases where there are suspected or confirmed attempts at illegitimate or fraudulent refund requests. Any modifications to the refund policy will be made to safeguard the integrity of the refund process and protect the interests of legitimate investors.

Following the completion of the refund procedure, Lucrosus Capital LPS will cease support for the Lucrosus Capital Token - $LUCA. Please be informed that with the commencement of the refund process, Lucrosus Capital LPS will completely halt all $LUCA withdrawals from the Lucrosus Capital Platform

Users are solely responsible for understanding and complying with the tax implications of any refunds in their jurisdictions. Lucrosus Capital LPS will not be liable for any taxes, including but not limited to income and capital gains tax, that may apply. Consulting with a professional tax advisor is strongly advised to understand potential tax liabilities fully.

The value of $LUCA tokens and legal and tax obligations can vary by jurisdiction and are subject to change. Each user is responsible for staying informed and complying with all relevant laws and regulations. Lucrosus Capital LPS does not bear responsibility for the loss, blocking, or any other issues resulting from the lack of access to the email address used to create an account for participating in the Pre-Sale on the Lucrosus Capital Platform. It is the user's responsibility to ensure the security and accessibility of the email account associated with their Lucrosus Capital Platform account. In the event of an inability to access the email account, Lucrosus Capital LPS cannot facilitate the recovery of the account or the processing of refunds related to Pre-Sale participation using that email address. Users are advised to take appropriate measures to secure their email accounts and regularly update their account details on the Lucrosus Capital LPS Platform to prevent such issues.

Lucrosus Capital LPS disclaims any responsibility for losses or damages resulting from participation in fraudulent refund schemes organised by entities impersonating Lucrosus Capital LPS or its affiliates. Users are cautioned to verify the authenticity of any communication purporting to represent Lucrosus Capital LPS, particularly concerning refunds or s of $LUCA tokens. All official communications regarding refunds will be conducted through verified channels, and users are urged to exercise due diligence before responding to any offers. In case of suspicion or uncertainty, users are strongly encouraged to contact our official support channel directly for confirmation and guidance. Lucrosus Capital LPS is committed to safeguarding our users’ interests but cannot be held accountable for actions outside our verified communication and transaction processes.

This policy is designed to ensure that our users clearly understand their rights and obligations when participating in the refund from Pre-Sales of $LUCA tokens. We encourage users to review this policy thoroughly.

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