In every aspect of life, it is way more beneficial to cooperate than working alone. It is no different in business, which is why at Lucrosus Capital, we value our partnerships very highly.


Sekuritance aims to help governments, banks and companies understand how customers use cryptocurrency through a shared knowledge of the blockchain-powered economy. Their cutting-edge data collection and analysis tools provide invaluable blockchain data to financial institutions, exchanges, and government entities in countries worldwide. Customers use Sekurtance’s tools and services to gain an in-depth and updated understanding. Sekuritance aims to be a trusted compliance partner to some of the world’s most respected law enforcement, banking, financial, and cryptocurrency agencies and stay one step ahead of crime by understanding the mechanics of each transaction in granular detail. Comprehensive and clever, our transaction monitoring and investigation tools provide our customers with world-class cryptocurrency services.
As the demand for various regulations is growing, having a partner as Sekuritance is a significant milestone and key for secure future development for all our partners and us. Thanks to their technology, developers can focus on growth when Sekurtiance takes care of clients and the source of funds.


Applover is a Full-Stack Digital Agency founded in 2016. Currently, they hire over 100 top experts who have so far developed over 180 projects including Mobile Apps, Web Apps, Websites, and most importantly Blockchain Technology Implementation.
Applover was recognized by Deloitte as Rising Star (Fast 50 Tech) in the CEE region in 2019, and in 2020 it was distinguished in the main category of the FAST 50 ranking. Their DNA is working on technologies for the most dynamic and recognizable start-ups on the domestic market and worldwide. Applover adheres to industry best practice standards, using test-driven design and development processes, as well as agile methodology.


Adshares is an umbrella project maintaining a decentralized network. The idea behind the ADS protocol is to give the network to the community with DAO-style governance. Any entity can make its Adserver by implementing open-source blockchain tools in more and more areas. This breakthrough concept allows $ADS holders to take profit from monetization of the protocol. Thanks to their technology, crypto projects can advertise using a 100% decentralized marketplace.
As the Adshares activity is developing incredibly well, they are strengthening their position in the metaverse. Thanks to our cooperation, we can offer supported projects the most innovative marketing solutions with the most precise targeting.

Assay Group

Assay Group is a traditional markets investment fund focused on developing Central and Eastern Europe's most prosperous start-ups.
Their goal is to invest in young, promising enterprises and support their development in a way that maximizes their operational competitiveness in international markets. Above all, they are interested in innovative and non-duplicative solutions, implemented in areas with high growth potential. Thanks to the comprehensive and active support of the Portfolio, they realize rates of return that are rare in the market.
Assay Group connects Lucrosus Capital with the traditional investment fund market, giving us a holistic approach to our investments.

Samko Development

Samko Development is a real estate company from one of the highest growth potential cities in Europe. We are incredibly proud to have them by our side as it allows us to make various relationships with investors from the traditional market. As a Lucrosus Capital, we aim to provide them with exposure to the whole cryptocurrency market without being deeply involved in it. The connectivity between both markets will be greatly beneficial for both target groups.
On the other hand, Samko Development’s real-estate experience enables researching the market through providing tokenization solutions. Thanks to this relationship, it will be much easier as Samko’s relationships and experience are priceless.