Getting Started

Welcome to Lucrosus Capital docs. This document will be updated as the project evolves.

Lucrosus Capital's goal is to redefine the concept of investing by implementing all of the beneficial blockchain features to the venture fund. The characteristics of this revolutionary technology allow for providing not only lucrative investment opportunities but also exposure to the entire cryptocurrency market. At Lucrosus Capital we aim to present a new solution for the financial market.

We are strongly convinced that blockchain technology will be the next worldwide revolution. Therefore, we aim to set our sights on the cryptocurrency market. Sharing venture fund initiatives with a greater audience will be more profitable and it will have a tremendously positive effect on the whole sector.

We are developing Lucrosus Capital out of passion intertwined with our devotion to blockchain technology and innovation. We are extremely confident that Lucrosus Capital will open the cryptocurrency world to a wider audience. To make it possible, we have prepared various solutions for the current market difficulties. With all our honesty, we encourage you to get familiar with all of them by discovering the rest of our whitepaper.

Welcome to Lucrosus Capital

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