Token Utility

$LUCA is a utility token, the core of the Lucrosus Capital. It solves problems for both individual investors and developers creating their blockchain projects. Thanks to the $LUCA token, Lucrosus Capital provides investment opportunities to each individual investor on an institutional basis.

$LUCA offers several unique features:

1. Shared Allocation Program - token holders will be able to participate in the shared allocation program and, according to their tier, acquire tokens of projects invested by Lucrosus Capital.

2. Reward Distribution Event - Lucrosus Capital rewards its community for involvement in organized activities with tokens obtained from the open market to encourage the steady growth of the project.

3. Governance – holders of $LUCA will be able to decide about the future investments, timing of buybacks and many other activities.

4. Staking – by staking $LUCA users will increase both the voting power and the size of their allocation.

5. Access to highly advanced research - professional research documents created by the team will be available exclusively to $LUCA holders.

6. One-on-One with projects’ representatives - access to dedicated meetings with the creators of projects in which Lucrosus Capital invests.

For more details on the utilities of the $LUCA token we encourage you to check out our Whitepaper.

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