Affiliate Terms of Use

Lucrosus Capital Affiliate Terms of Use

General Terms

1. This document is setting the guidelines and rules on how to use the reference links for the LUCROSUS CAPITAL platform and LUCROSUS CAPITAL AFFILIATE PROGRAM.

2. The rules are being provided under the terms which are defined thereafter:

a. Reference link - hyperlink available LUCROSUS CAPITAL website used to register accounts for new users, with the profit generated for the user generating the hyperlink;

b. Referrer(affiliate )- user generating the hyperlink used to register the new user and taking the profit from the activity of referee in buying and selling different types of cryptocurrencies via the LUCROSUS CAPITAL platform;

c. Referee- the newly registered user which creates his new account using the hyperlink sent to him by the referrer;

d. Registration- the process by which the new customer receives the ability to enter the transactions on LUCROSUS CAPITAL platform. The cookies files are being generated to ensure the safety of his account and complete the process of registration;

e. Affiliate network - the external platform that works as a marketplace for referral programs. The affiliate networks bring together users interested in affiliation and referring.

3. The LUCROSUS CAPITAL AFFILIATE TERMS OF USE defines rules, laws and regulations of the LUCROSUS CAPITAL AFFILIATE PROGRAM for users registered directly at LUCROSUS CAPITAL Launchpad website and generated the reference link via LUCROSUS CAPITAL Reflink Generator.

4. The time frame of the rules set in the document is binding on all of the customers of LUCROSUS CAPITAL engaged in the LUCROSUS CAPITAL AFFILIATE during the LUCROSUS CAPITAL Launchpad Public Sale period.

5. The completed registration and further safety of the newly registered account on LUCROSUS CAPITAL platform is ensured by successful completion of the 2FA (two factor authentication) via the email confirmation.

Private users

6. The referrer is entitled to receive passive income from all of the transactions made by the referee if the referee is registered via reference link from refereer on LUCROSUS CAPITAL platform.

7. Every referee is permanently assigned to the referrer for the time frame described in the LUCROSUS CAPITAL AFFILIATE TERMS OF USE. Referees cannot be assigned to more than one referrer.

8. Upon the registration of the customer as the referrer, the customer has a choice to make which cryptocurrency he or she likes to be provided with as the passive income from the transactions made by the referee registered by him or her link on LUCROSUS CAPITAL platform.

9. The referrer has a choice between:

a. 30% of passive income from the value of transactions of the referee, received as LUCROSUS CAPITAL or;

b. 15% of passive income from the value of transactions of the referee received as ETHEREUM.

10. The referrers are eligible to use two of the links at the same time - the referrers can collect LUCROSUS CAPITAL bonus, as well as Ethereum bonus at the same time.

11. The payment in cryptocurrencies will be sent to the account of the referrer on the LUCROSUS CAPITAL platform few days after the completion of the LUCROSUS CAPITAL Launchpad Public Sale.

12. The payment for the referrers are certain and defined with the transactions made by referees. The balance shown to referrers in Ethereum (ETH) and LUCROSUS CAPITAL (LUCA) cannot be reduced due to any reason beyond the transaction fees and any illegal activities.

13. The referrer has a competence to check the outstanding value of the cryptocurrencies to which he is entitled to (via the transactions of the referees, registered by his reference links) on the LUCROSUS CAPITAL platform. The value of the cryptocurrencies can vary, according to the present market value of the cryptocurrencies.

14. There is no limit on the amount of reference links which can be generated by a single referrer, and later used by newly registered referees.

15. The referee is granted with 5% bonus to the value of all of his transactions made on LUCROSUS CAPITAL platform if he is registered via the reference link from the referrer.

16. There is no set distinction between defining a customer as a referrer or referee; every referrer can be a referee at the same time and vice versa.

17. Every customer willing to enter the transaction on a LUCROSUS CAPITAL platform has a choice between finalizing his transaction using:

a. via Coinbase widget and all available cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, DAI, USDC, USDT, Litecoin etc.);

b. all fiat payment widget as Advcash, Cash- Credit or Debit Card, wire transfer;

Affiliate Networks

18. The affiliate program regarding the LUCROSUS CAPITAL platform is also available for users of multiple affiliate networks. The users working as referrers within their affiliate platform are bound by all of the rules defined by their network and are able to use the LUCROSUS CAPITAL platform independently from this LUCROSUS CAPITAL AFFILIATE TERMS OF USE.

19. The users acting as referrers, promoters, affiliates etc. within their affiliate network, have rules, payment schemes, and hyperlink mechanisms set by their network and are not covered by this LUCROSUS CAPITAL AFFILIATE TERMS OF USE.

20. The users acting as referrers, promoters, affiliates etc. within their affiliate network cannot collect the rewards and earnings from the LUCROSUS CAPITAL AFFILIATE PROGRAM directly; their revenue is up to be set by their affiliate network.

21. All of the payment schemes for professional referrers at affiliate networks such as:

a. % revenue share;

b. CPS Cost per sale;

c. CPA Cost per action;

d. CPL Cost per lead;

e. and other pricing schemes.

are fully defined by their networks and can vary from site to site.

Remedies for the users of LUCROSUS CAPITAL platform

22. Any problems regarding the interpretation of the LUCROSUS CAPITAL affiliate terms of use are up to the LUCROSUS CAPITAL team, which has a sole competence on formulating the interpretation regarding the issues stemming from the problems encountered by the customers.

23. In case of the documented problem regarding the execution or implementation of the rules set in the LUCROSUS CAPITAL AFFILIATE TERMS OF USE, every user is able to make a well-founded written complain to the LUCROSUS CAPITAL team which will be considered by the LUCROSUS CAPITAL legal team.

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