Frequently Asked Questions


What is Lucrosus Capital?

Lucrosus Capital is the World's First Gamified DeVC that provides investment opportunities to each individual investor on an institutional basis. Lucrosus Capital’s goal is to redefine the concept of investing by implementing all of the beneficial blockchain features to venture capital activities.

What is Lucrosus Capital mission?

Our commitment is to revolutionize the world by fostering the development of the most thriving blockchain projects. We are strongly convinced that blockchain technology will be the next worldwide revolution. Therefore, we aim to set our sights on the cryptocurrency market. Sharing VC initiatives with a greater audience will be more profitable and it will have a tremendously positive effect on the whole sector.
Lucrosus Gallery is a unique space merging cutting-edge technology with renowned and promising artists to create unprecedented benefits for individual art investors. Tokenisation comined with non-fungible tokens - NFTs - solve the art sector's high entry barriers problems and logistical constraints.

What is the $LUCA goal?

The primary goal of $LUCA is to enable individual investors to take advantage of institutional investment opportunities by implementing decentralization activities such as our Shared Allocation Program.

LUCA Utility

What is the LUCA token?

LUCA is a utility token, the core of the Lucrosus Capital. It solves problems for both individual investors and developers creating their blockchain projects. LUCA token is created to decentralize the venture capital fund, therefore it offers several unique features.

What are LUCA utilities?

LUCA token holders can participate directly and indirectly in every Lucrosus Capital investment. Directly through the Shared Allocation Program and indirectly through the Buy-Back Program. Additionally, LUCA offers several unique features like Governance, Staking, Access to highly advanced research, and One-on-One with projects’ representatives.

What is the Shared Allocation Program?

Shared Allocation Program is a product that sets Lucrosus Capital apart from other crypto VCs. Lucrosus gives away part of the allocation in the invested project to LUCA token holders. The amount that holders can invest will depend on the tier they belong to.

What is the Buy-Back Program?

Lucrosus Capital provides rewards distribution events to allocate the tokens from the open market. It implements a deflationary mechanism to secure the beneficial long-term development of Lucrosus Capital!

LUCA Details

Which blockchain LUCA?

The $LUCA contract is already deployed at Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The only genuine contract address is 0xF82AA46120314904Cd8119DAc84f6bcC7D90ED2e You can check it on BSCscan here.

Is LUCA audited?

Yes, the audit was conducted by Hacken. Not only did the LUCA contract pass the audit, but moreover, it was rated as Well-Secured, which is the highest possible audit score. This only confirms the fact that the LUCA contract was professionally prepared and has no weaknesses.

Where can I buy LUCA?

Currentlly you can buy LUCA on Bitrue exchange, by clicking here, or on Pancakeswap here.